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Self -Love Workshop

Indulge yourself in an empowering journey of self-discovery at our 3 hour Intimate Self-Love special event for women. Immerse yourself in a nurturing space filled with guided mindfulness, rejuvenating activities and uplifting conversations. Embrace self-love and unlock your inner strength.

The class is led by Lauren Pla, Certified Coach, Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner and Positive Intelligence Coach.

April 19, 2024

6pm to 9pm

Cost: $70

Community Support

Having just finished treatment myself for Ovarian Cancer, I am excited to offer this class to anyone who has had treatment or is going through treatment for any type of Cancer.

I would love to meet and support one another through the journey of Cancer.


There is no fee for this class nor do you need to register on line for it. The door is open, just come on in!

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