Yoga Instructor

After being introduced to yoga over 10 years ago I decided to eventually earn my degree in teaching at the Stone Center for Yoga in Teaneck, NJ in 2012. The transformations I felt in my body and mind through the work on my mat have encouraged me to live my life simply, peacefully, mindfully and most of all with kindness and compassion to those around me. I feel that we as humans have an obligation to ourselves and to others to be of service while on this earth. Opening this studio has given me the opportunity to do just that. My goal is to create a community of like minded people where we can all learn from each other and just take the time to be still and enjoy our existence. By teaching yoga I feel I can share my own successes and transformations by guiding people through movement and breath and by sharing those moments together and hopefully allowing people to find moments of joy and peace. My style of teaching is typically connecting to the breath with slower movement while building strength and a deeper understanding of the body and mind. Throwing in laughter and good music sets the stage for a non judgmental and comfortable space to practice.


Yoga Instructor

My yoga practice started with the intention of keeping my runners body happy and healthy. I soon found that it wasn’t only the physical strength and flexibility I was seeking, but rather it was the by-product of the physical practice that drew me in. For me yoga helps quiet my mind, and in turn, creates space for mental clarity. Yoga allows for focus and perspectives to continuously shift, I practice more tolerance and patience. Ease and contentment are my more natural state. Yoga has helped me navigate the twists and turns of life from a much more gracious and grateful heart. My approach to teaching is to offer you an opportunity to find relaxation and balance in a busy life, cultivate flexibility and strength and recharge and renew the body and mind. I love to challenge students with the idea of moving out of comfort zones and finding fortitude and inner strength that lies within each and every one of us. Growth is not always pretty or easy, but always necessary to keep living your best life. I hold an E- 200 hour RYT, certified through the National Yoga Alliance. I am AAE/CPR certified and I hold a Level II Reiki certification. Always a student, I continue my education through workshops and retreats.


Yoga Instructor

Jennifer Ciongoli began her Yoga journey in 1999. After taking her first Yoga lesson there was an instant mind~body connection to the health benefits of regular Yoga practice. Jennifer’s Yoga mat became a place for quiet transformation, a sacred place for release & acceptance of self. As her practice grew, Jennifer soon found the benefits moving off the mat & into her everyday movements. 
Driven by the healing benefits, Jennifer received her certification in 2001 through The Sivananda Vendata Centre, Nassau Bahamas. 
In & out of class she encourages Positive Thinking & Experiencing Self Acceptance. A true believer in the power of reconnecting the breath to the movement of the body ~ creating a Moving Meditation of Asanas. Jennifer offers practical instruction & compassionate guidance, welcoming all to experience increased Concentration, Confidence and Relaxation.


Yoga Instructor

My passion for yoga began long ago behind a bar in Colorado. The benefit of resting one leg in vriksanasa, tree pose, while standing for hours on my feet gave me such relief I began to explore its power on the mat. For me the journey was not a direct path but one I continued to return to.  I discovered even more while turning to exercise as a form of pain management following a surgery. Yoga gave me the physical benefits but after a time it was the changes I felt mentally that brought me to Juluka Yoga Studio in Hillsdale, New Jersey. Under the care and guidance of Mandy Grant and Soo Yoon I began to understand my practice in a way I never had before. It was here that my understanding of mindfulness, breath, asana and mediation brought me to a deeper passion and love of this beautiful practice. 

It is this passion that then lead me to continue my education with Jody Domerstad in the art of yin yoga, levels 1 & 2. I completed a training for Yoga for Trauma and Addiction through Kula for Karma with Dr Deborah Lubetkin and I am honored to volunteer with this amazing organization that serves the most vulnerable in our community. To me, teaching is a privilege I take very seriously. I will continue to educate myself and explore the many paths of this ancient practice so that I may guide others on a knowledgeable and safe journey. 


Yoga Instructor

Yoga has always been a part of Patrice’s life. Her passion for yoga began in her living room with her mother, sisters and brothers when she was a small child. Throughout her life, yoga has always been there  to compliment physical activities and to calm the body and mind.

Patrice completed her 200-hour teacher training in Structural Yoga at the Stone Center for Yoga Health under the guidance of Charlotte Stone in 2013.  She is further certified to instruct Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Cancer and has taught Yoga for Bone Strength for people with Osteoporosis and Osteopenia at Stone Yoga.

Teaching and sharing the gift of yoga is a something she loves to do. She loves teaching yoga because she wants to help relieve others of stress, as well as help others build strength, flexibility and confidence.  

Yoga Alliance ERYT 200

Yoga Nidra

Reiki Master

Certified Yoga for Breast Cancer

Certified Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga


Yoga Instructor

Sonja discovered her love for yoga in 2010. She likes to practice Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga / Gentle Yoga but also enjoys the occasional Yin Class. 
As a student, Yoga became a significant part of her life in her early thirties. This led to her enrollment, completion and certification as a 200-hour Structural Yoga Teacher. 
While the physical element is what brought her to Yoga in the first place, her focus has broadened to awareness - awareness of our body, our breath and our mind. The structure of each class attempts to follow these three elements. A proper warm-up with some pranayama exercises is intended to improve ones breathing capabilities while also serving to calm our minds and ensure mental presence.
She truly believes that yoga is for everybody and it can be practiced while both on, and off, the mat. She strives to provide alternative poses so all students, regardless of flexibility, injury, or strength, can follow the class with joy while strengthening the body.


Yoga Instructor

Virginia lives in River Edge with her family and has been discovering the benefits of yoga  since 2005.  She completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification in October of 2013 at Stone Yoga in Teaneck, NJ.  She loves the balance, peace, and stress-release yoga has brought to her personally and loves sharing her knowledge and experience with her students.  She uses her energy and sense of humor to help students love yoga the way that she does.  She is eternally grateful to all of the teachers she has had along the way!


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