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After being introduced to yoga over 10 years ago I decided to eventually earn my degree in teaching at the Stone Center for Yoga in Teaneck, NJ in 2012. The transformations I felt in my body and mind through the work on my mat have encouraged me to live my life simply, peacefully, mindfully and most of all with kindness and compassion to those around me. I feel that we as humans have an obligation to ourselves and to others to be of service while on this earth. Opening this studio has given me the opportunity to do just that. My goal is to create a community of like minded people where we can all learn from each other and just take the time to be still and enjoy our existence. By teaching yoga I feel I can share my own successes and transformations by guiding people through movement and breath and by sharing those moments together and hopefully allowing people to find moments of joy and peace. My style of teaching is typically connecting to the breath with slower movement while building strength and a deeper understanding of the body and mind. Throwing in laughter and good music sets the stage for a non judgmental and comfortable space to practice.




Jacquelyn is a passionate teacher and artist that loves creating and inspiring others to try new things as well. She believes Yoga has the ability, through continued practice, to lead us to choose lifestyles that honor our health, wellness and happiness.Jacquelyn has found that by showing up to her practice with an open mind and heart, that Yoga has offered the opportunity for self-discovery, connection, awakening, healing, growth, laughter, joy, adventure, and love.  As a teacher, Jacquelyn Rose is simply holding that door open for her students.

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